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25-Dec-2016 19:00

Don't: Expect your first, second or even your third match to be "The One" Finding a companion takes time. If you've already started a family, mention it.

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19-Aug-2016 08:09

In 2011, Bakula performed a voice cameo in the film Source Code as a slight nod to his character on Quantum Leap, with his catchphrase of "Oh, boy." and appeared in the feature-length documentary The Captains, which was written and directed by William Shatner, Bakula is interviewed by the original Star Trek captain about his life and career leading up to his performances as Captain Jonathan Archer in Star Trek: Enterprise.

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05-May-2015 01:14

Gordon Lishman, director general of Age Concern, warned that, ‘many pensioners are put off claiming benefits because they find the system confusing.

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27-Apr-2015 14:24

The graphics are great, and there are even RPG elements incorporated, making it a truly intense gaming experience.

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